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Mindset you need for code review

  1. Don’t take the review personally
  2. Don’t get attached to your code
  3. Be ready and positive about incorporating reviewers suggested change.
  4. Do not blindly implement reviewers suggested change
  5. Self review and unit test before submitting Code for reivew.
  6.  Do not fight with the reviewer
  7. Keep the change-set short to ease reviewers life.
  8. If reviewer have hard time understanding the change set, its better to talk with the developer to understand the business case.

Some additional points.

Keep review comments short and to the point.

Since most reviews are done by peer, its better to do review as soon as possible.

Team member should adhere to coding guidelines, this will make reviewers life easy.

Before sending code for review, dev should follow the general checklist. Run some analysis tool, like sonar or IDE inbuilt analyzer. Do self review.

Code review does not replace testing.


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